Bitafiskur-500px Dried fish snacks are extremely healthy and therefore you can call it superfood.  It contains all the nutrition found in fresh fish, but in multible quantities.  Tradex dried fish snacks conatin about 84% protein, while fresh fish fillets contain about 18% protein.  Only water is extracted, and therefore all the nutrients are retained from the fresh fish.  This snack is as natural as can be.If you are not sure about dried fish snacks, try offering them to children.  Most kids are natural born lovers of fish snacks.  Parents who think about their children‘s nutrition and health, should consider dried fish snacks as an option.  Protein contributes to to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass and therefore this applies both to children and adults. Tradex uses an advanced cool-drying technique. This along with access to high quality fresh fish from Icelandic waters results in quality fish snacks with a mild taste – as fresh as dried fish can be.